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Trading For Beginners

Beginner's Trading Guides

Beginner's Trading Guides

Our Trading For Beginners Section Gives You All The Information You Need To Start Trading Forex And CFDs With Confidence. This Should Be Your First Stop To Find Out About Currency Pairs, How The Forex Market Works, Market Analysis And CFD Instruments.

What Is Forex?

Learn About The Global FX Market, Currency Pairs And How A Trade Works. Here You’ll Also Find Descriptions Of Some Of The Common Online Forex Trading Concepts Such As Order Types, Rollovers And Hedging.

What Are CFDs?

Contracts For Difference – More Commonly Known As CFDs – Are An Important Financial Instrument That Allows Traders To Speculate On The Rising And Falling Value Of Currencies, Indices, Commodities And Stocks Without Owning The Underlying Asset. Here You Can Find Out More About The Various Features Of CFDs And How They Work.

What Is Currency Pairs?

In This Section We Go A Little Deeper Into How Different Currencies Interact Together In Currency Pairs – The Basis Of Forex Trading. You’ll Also Learn About The Difference Between Major, Minor And Exotic Currency Pairs.

What Is The Stock Market?

What's A Stock Exchange? What Are The Primary And Secondary Markets? How Shares Are Issued, Bought And Sold? Want To Learn About The Medium Where Shares Are Traded? Here You'll Find Information On Stock Market Structure, Main Regional Stock Exchanges, Different Life Cycles Of Issued Shares, And The Ways One Can Profit From Them.

What Is MetaTrader?

MetaTrader Is A Platform Provided By MetaQuotes Software That Allows Online Trading In The CFD, Futures And Forex Markets. The Software Is Licensed To USP Capitals For Your Convenience. There Are Two Types Of Platforms Known In The Trading World Today MT5 And MT5.

What Is A Trend?

In The Financial Markets, There Is An Expression: ‘The Trend Is Your Friend’; And While This Phrase Might Make Logical Sense, In Practice It Is As Opaque As It Can Get. But What Is A Trend And How Do We Define It As Well As Trade With It?

What Is Arbitrage?

At Its Most Basic, Arbitrage Can Be Defined As The Concurrent Purchase And Sale Of Similar Assets In Different Markets In Order To Take Advantage Of Price Differentials Arising From Local Supply/Demand Divergences.

What Is Currency Peg?

Currency Pegging Is When A Country Attaches, Or Pegs, Its Exchange Rate To Another Currency, Or Basket Of Currencies, Or Another Measure Of Value, Such As Gold. Pegging Is Sometimes Referred To As A Fixed Exchange Rate.

What Is A Currency Swap?

In Finance, A Currency Swap, Also Known As Cross-Currency Swap, Is A Legal Contract Between Two Parties To Exchange Two Currencies At A Later Date, But At A Predetermined Exchange Rate.

What Is Correlation?

In The World Of Financial Trading, Asset Correlation Establishes How And When The Prices Of Different Financial Instruments Move In Relation To Each Other. With Regards To Currencies And Forex Trading, Correlation Is The Behaviour That Certain Currency Pairs Exhibit Where They Either Move In One Direction Or In Different Directions, Simultaneously

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